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Tie-Dyed Tour Towels

Tie-Dyed Tour Towels

Hand Tie-Dyed Tour Towels available in limited quantities. Choose your designs, colors and more for a custom towel that's truly 1 of 1. All towels will get a reinforced rivet hole with a faux leather tag and metal ring to hang from. Single towel orders will be contacted for designs and color schemes upon payment, please ensure contact information is correct before purchase. All event and group orders should reach out at our Custom Products page.
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You may order more than one single towel at a time. Contact us for larger orders with price discounts.

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Tie-Dye Towel Features


Upon payment, we will contact you for your custom design specifications. You may choose from spirals, rings, targets, and stripes and we can accommodate most color requests.


These towels measure up in more ways than one. Turn on the PGA Tour any day and you're likely to see most caddies carrying the same tour towel we use as our base towel. These are simply some of the best cotton towels available.


We use only the best quality fabric dyes and pre wash your tie-dye tour towels so you can wash them without worrying about staining what's in there with your tie-dye-tour towel.