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We specialize in innovative, multi-functional, customizable tournament tee gifts that bring a unique twist to an otherwise ordinary part of the golf industry. The ZIP Towel is a great tournament swag bag while the Coozie Cleaner is the ideal product to sell a beverage sponsorship. Tie-Dyed Tour Towels are all made by hand so they're available in limited quantities.

Custom, tournament and wholesale orders should contact us while individual orders are made at our product pages.

  • Black

  • Grey

  • Navy

  • Make it a Tote Bag

    Zip the ZIP Towel into a square on both sides and use it as a tote bag. Take practice balls to the short range or drop your shoes in after a wet round. Works great as an event tee gift/swag bag with custom printing.

  • Keeps Clubs Dry

    Zip the ZIP Towel into a square and drape it over your clubs to use as a dry hood. Zip both sides of the ZIP Towel for a more secure fit with dual entry to access different clubs.

  • Stays Wet

    Zip the ZIP Towel into a tube, soak the inside with water and hang from your bag. Stays wet long after traditional towels dry out and helps keep your clubs and balls clean for the duration of the round.

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